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Fiona Humberstone

Sounds like a very exciting trip! All the best with it.

Jessica Milln

Age 18, I went to teach in Kenya for a a whole year. It was 30 years ago before mobile phones, computers and everything else.

My mum really didn't want me to go. She cried a lot and tried to persuade me that it wasn't safe to go. I was very scared and needed to be told that I could, I was capable, of doing it. My dad was the support I needed and my respect for him grew from that moment on. I also took inspiration from him to be the same kind of parent to my own.

I was the very best thing I've ever done in my life. It was a year rich with experiences and adventure. It set me up for life, it taught me patience and humility. It also gave me courage. I've never been afraid to tackle anything that has happened to me since.

Just remember, for the sake of your mum back home, take care and be really, really safe.

Emily Sherr

Thank you both very much for your support.

Jessica - Kenya sounds amazing! I hope I gain some of those qualities and experiences from my trip too. I know my mum only doesn't want me to go because she's worried but it's still difficult - it'll probably be a good thing for the both of us in the long run.

Jessica Milln

It's natural for her to worry. That's a mum's job. And I'm sure that both of you will gain in ways that you can't imagine.

Midlife SInglemum

Good luck. I know how your mum feels and I also know that she has to let you go - she can't win. I wish you both an easy time of it.


Emily - it sounds like a fantastic opportunity and I hope you have a brilliant and memorable time. I know I'd be worried if one of my daughters did something similar but as Jessica said it's our job to worry. All the best.

Emily Sherr

Thank you all for you comments.

I fully understand where my mum's coming from and I suppose her worry just shows she cares. I'm sure I'll be fine though!

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