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What a lovely story Sharon and a gorgeous picture. Saw my friend today who is living with her boyfriend and couldn't resist asking if she had any plans for the day! Sadly not - maybe I'll tell her to read your story. It was nice to hear how fate brought you to Musical Minis and that it is going really well for you.


Thanks Cathie :o)

Debbie Caygill

Brought a tear to my eyes lovely story, thanks for sharing! My husband and I have been together since I was 16, coming in for 17 years now! He proposed when I was 19! I am not a morning person & he would come to my mums on a Saturday & I was always still in bed! This one day he was helping me dry my hair & I noticed something in his pocket! Being the nosey person I am I insisted on finding out what it was! He made me close my eyes & I when I opened them he was down on 1 knee! Not at all what he planned or I imagined but 17 years later & coming upto 12 years of marriage it doesn't matter how we got here, we're still together & that's the main thing!

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