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Charity Law

This sounds like a great way of donating to charity. The more of the money that actually goes to a charity the better and this sounds like a good way of achieving that. And as you said, can work all year round. More shopping is done at Christmas than any other time so that is when it will be most successful but that doesn't mean it can't work the rest of the year.

quick fundraising ideas

Some great examples of how the internet has innovated in the realm of charity. I think that these interactions will place more value on on-line interactions in comparison to the simple giving of money.

Car donation

I love this idea. I am a big advocate of donation whenever possible. I love to go through my things and give away what I am not using, because I know other people could benefit. Thanks for sharing!


I also love this idea.I seen a lot of fundraising ideas in Finland country and most of them are doing some events and mostly selling a product their aim is you help and you get product.Anyway love to see something like this.

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