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My twin daughters were due in September but born in August so it could have gone either way. I remember some people saying how great it would be to have them early so they would go to school earlier and then others who said it would be better for them to be the oldest in the class. The girls have done well in school and I certainly haven't noticed that they are lacking in confidence or academic ability. One of their primary teachers assured me that younger children catch up as they get older. The class the girls were in were made up of about a third summer babies so maybe that helped. A friend's daughter was in nursery with my girls and as she was born on 2nd September didn't go into reception until the following year. I don't see having any advantage because of this. She just has a different set of friends now.
I agree with you Karen that children go at their own pace, my two were born at the same time but the eldest took longer to apply herself academically and was put in a group with children of a lower ability until one teacher recognised her potential and really spent time building up her confidence. Now they are both excelling in different areas but are on a par with each other in their achievements.

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