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Lizzie Hall via Facebook

CRB's only say if you've been caught!

Karen Sherr via Facebook

I agree Lizzie! I think one problem is that people who should be caught seem to know how to work the system, whilst people who should be getting them have such a struggle filling them in.

Lizzie Hall via Facebook


Sarah Young via Facebook

They are also only true for the day that they were completed.

Cathie Flynn via Facebook

I agree it's frustrating to sort but I can't help feeling that it's a small price to pay for peace of mind. We are all appalled when we hear about people who would have been stopped if the right information had been available. I also agree with Lizzie it only finds people who have been caught.

Fiona  (@nlpmum)

I've always thought CRBs are a beurocratic waste of time and money - those who are clever won't be caught and won't show up on a CRB and it's a terrible process for anyone trying to get one done independently. We had a nightmare when we came back to the UK and my hubby found he had to get one to work as a nurse in the NHS even though he wasn't going to be working with kids at all.... it took 3 months during which time we busked to keep ourselves fed. They also take away responsiblity for due diligence - it's way more important that references are grilled properly and intuition is followed than that a CRB checks out.... though I wouldn't employ someone if it didn't of course.

Karen Sherr

I agree with you all. It's a shame they can't find an easier system for those who want one. I've known people needing 3 to work in 3 different venues just down the road from each other. This must be a waste of time for all parties concerned and a waste of money.
What a nightmare for your husband Fiona. There should be a way of speeding up the system. Perhaps just needing one CRB for anywhere in the UK would help.

Rush Shukla

CRBs are a total waste of time and money. They give a false sense of security and do not protect anyone against anyone. Just because your CRB comes up clean it doesn't mean that you are not a criminal. It only indicates that you may not have been caught if you have committed offences.
Also potential pedophiles, child killers, rapists and murderers do not normally have previous convictions as has been proven. They are walking time-bombs waiting to strike and failures in correct social monitoring and feedback allow them to commit the crimes they do over and over again.
At the same time it unfairly discriminates against those who may have committed minor state offences in their youth but because these misdemeanours are posted they are excluded from the job they qualified for. This in turn places a burden on society. We all make mistakes and those who commit petty crimes are forever smeared and hung with the same rope over again when they have paid their debt to society.
CRBs are nothing more than a ponzi money making scheme that protects nobody.

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