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Kim Nash

The pressure on Mom's is unbelievable really as it is normally the Mom who is required to take time off work. Perhaps they should do a poll of Dad's asking what they would do if their child was ill? Those results would be interesting wouldn't they?

I am incredibly fortunate to have both a fantastic childminder, who I know has had Oliver for me as long as his illness wouldn't affect any other kids and I also have the most understanding bosses who know how hard it is to work and bring up children and know that they would either allow me to work from home or bring him into work. We've had many a meeting with a child on the sofa with us at work.

Bosses should be more understanding, but employees should also be in a position where they don't take the mickey and have the day off just because someone has a sniffle.

I also think that kids need to realise that they can't have the day off school just because they feel a little ill so for me to give a child the day off sick, they would have to be quite poorly. If that makes me sound really hard, then so be it. Unless they were really poorly, I'd rather them try to go to school then get a call to say that they're not well, as some kids will have a tendency to think that their mom is a pushover and they only have to say that they feel unwell and they get a day off.

Oooh, I'm getting on my soapbox now! I don't remember having many days off school sick when I was a child. My parents brought me up with a good work ethic and I'm not the sort of person who would take a day off because I feel a little unwell. I would have to be very poorly to need a day off work sick and I'm certainly trying to make sure that my son is brought up the same way.

I can see both sides of the argument as when a job needs to be done, who else is going to do it if you're not around? If it's something urgent, then someone else may end up covering your work for you and working twice as hard to do something that is totally out of their control and that seems a little unfair really!

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