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Joanne Mallon

Thank you for linking to my post. I think we can learn a lot from children when it comes to confidence - they don't over-think things, they just get stuck in and do them.

Kim The Book Worm

A great post Linda. I agree that you need to just get on with stuff and the more you do things, the more your confidence grows. I remember being a new mum, and my first night out on my own was to a networking meeting. I was petrified! But I met some lovely people and the first person I met, in the lift on the way to the meeting, ended up being a future customer and if I hadn't plucked up the courage to go, I would never have had that opportunity. A franchise business such as Musical Minis is a fabulous opportunity for someone not only to work with kids and families but also to watch those children grow and develop within the group. And I'm sure it must be wonderful for you Karen to watch your franchisees grow and develop into successful business owners too.

Crystal Jigsaw

Interesting post. I have little confidence and am struggling to market my book now that it's been available for more than 6 months. I've only marketed it to a minority of places because I simply don't have the confidence to do talks or book signings and things of that nature. I do wish I was different. But I know that unless I'm thrown in at the deep end, I'll always spend too much time thinking. And that's dangerous for me!

CJ xx

Karen Sherr

Thanks for writing this post Linda.

I'm not confident in new situations and as C.J.I don't like public speaking or self promotion. I find I'm most confident when I'm fully prepared and promoting Musical Minis to individuals (prospective members or prospective franchisees) is easy as I believe in the programme and know it's value from first hand experience. Promoting Musical minis to a group of people causes me more anxiety.

There does come a point with prospective franchisees when they either have to take the plunge and jump from the diving board or turn around and go back down the steps. Owning your own business isn't right for everyone and some people find they are better suited to being employed rather than self employed.I see my role as supporting people to have the confidence to make the decision that's right for them.

Maybe one day I'll have the confidence to speak in public but I'm not convinced!


Karen I can't believe you don't have the confidence to do that, sounds like you have done such a brilliant job with others, you could give yourself a talking to? :)

CJ - I think a lot of writers feel the same, I think I have confidence promoting something I've written because that's my livelihood so it's a necessity. I've seen the wonderful reviews for your book so I wish you lots of love and luck in finding your feet more with it, perhaps the 'what's the worst that could happen?' could help a little? People listening to you would also be likely to be a fan of your work, so that could help?

Kim, you are more confident than me in a lot of ways.

Joanne, thanks for your words of wisdom, I know how much difference you have made as a coach to people in writing/media careers.

DD's Diary

You're such a lovely supportive person, Linda, and yes, your sense of humour definitely breaks the ice! I've learned a lot from you. May you continue to spread wisdom and laughter wherever you go. That sounds a bit Hallmark but you know what I mean x

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