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Debbie Caygill

This was really interesting to read, thanks Jo!

Sharon Stephens via Facebook

Thanks Jo, that was really helpful. As I'm just starting out it's all a bit daunting, so it's great to hear all the positives! :o)

Jo Weaving via Facebook

Hi Sharon. Hope your are enjoying Musical Minis and your classes are going well. For Me Musical Minis was the best decision I ever made and I've had so much fun over the years as well as making so many friends.

Sharon Stephens via Facebook

I haven't started properly yet Jo. I'm taking redundancy and don't finish until Thursday, so I've been doing both! Classes are doing pretty well though and I'm getting the hang of it, so fingers crossed. I'm hoping Musical Minis will be the best decision I've ever made too!

Jo Johnston via Facebook

This was great to read Jo. I'm in week 3 now and 4 classes this week. I was interested to read that you take other instruments in - I will try this as we have a selection at home. This week I gave out a picture of an owl to colour in with the 'Wide eyed Owl' poem printed on it for Mums to read at home. Seemed to go down well, although one baby just tried to eat his.


Very nice site!

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