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I'm not sure on this one. I think personally that it depends on the family. If the sons family are welcoming and warm there is no reason for you to lose them and lose the closeness you still have.. but thats just my view


Oh Karen, I hope not. I only have 1 boy and he is the apple of my eye. I would be devastated if I lost him. Although as he's only four hopefully it will be a while before I have to worry about this. He told me this morning that I was his girlfriend and he wasn't ever having another one which I found hilarious and reassuring at the same time! x

Sharon Stephens

I hope not Karen! I'd hate to be left out of Monty's life. I have two older brothers and will take my lead from our late mum, who welcomed her sons wives into our family with warmth and affection, rarely criticised - unless she thought it r...eally valid! - and always let them know she cared. Mum wasn't a saint, far from it, but she knew it would keep her sons close, so made the effort and her four daughters-in-law (both brothers married twice!) all thought the world of her as a result. Let's hope Monty can say the same about me in a couple of decades!

Cathie Flynn

As Sharon said it depends on the family - I think of Billy's Mum as a real second Mum and we spend time together - just the two of us -every week. I adore her and we are every much part of the family. If anyone mistakes us for mother and daughter we don't correct them. Billy knows if he wants to spend time with his family that it is fine with me.

Leo Moon

Yes, it's a proverb because it is statistically true. We are all still animals despite the proselytising of 70's feminists ( and I was one). Biology and hormones ( testosterone) prevail. Men become pussy whipped, women have deeper family connections.

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