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I personally am not limited by a label. 'Mumpreneur' is a quick way to describe a lifestyle to which I adhere to and promote. It's allowed me to live the life that feels best for me.

Am I patronised by being called a mumpreneur? Hell no.. (I've been called worse!) I'm too busy finding new ways of using my skills to help others, make money, and live a fulfilling life :)

Live and let live!


Yeah, what she says!^^

Seriously, thank you for the lovely comments Linda. I've just got back from a Mums Business Club, and you can really see the point there of bringing together women who want business support, but in a flexible and family friendly forum where no-one minds if you bring the kids, they yell and spill juice because they have been there too!

My passion is all about showing mums that they can grow their business and achieve success on their own terms, and if mumpreneur brings women together, that is all good.

Mind you, I have got a PR background and can see it is a label that some people can feel limited by - but that's up to you, it's not limiting me!

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