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Kim The Book Worm

Gosh - I can think of loads! The ones that spring to mind immediately is when I worked from home and my mother-in-law very kindly came to look after my very young son one day a week but used to expect me to keep coming down to make drinks and lunch etc, as I was only working from home so couldn't possible be busy! She used to let my son stand at the bottom of the stairs and shout "Mmmmmoooommmmmmmyyyyyy!!!! in the loudest possible voice while I was on the phone! Also when visitors used to come, I used to have to tidy up all the toys, leftover breakfast, discarded pyjamas etc, so that they could sit down!

Alison (Deer Baby)

Oh yes I've had a few of these moments. Cradling the phone in your ear and trying to change a nappy at the same time when an editor calls unexpectedly to discuss work. 'Have you got a pen to hand?' Oh yes, I lied thinking I could memorise it and promptly forgot their name and number. Once I left my toddler playing with toys whilst I did a quick phone interview to find she had pulled a carton of orange juice off the table, had emptied it down the floorboards and was sprinkling chocolate vermicelli down there as well for good measure. Co-ordinating nap time with phone interviews was the only way I could do it.


Skype calls with children scooting around in the background are always fun, more so when the 4yo shouts out in a sing-song voice "Mummm-meee, come and wipe my botttt-tummmm".



Brilliant - thanks Kim, Paula and Alison - Love them all and sounding very familiar even if Skype sounds well scary...I think we are very lucky to be able to "juggle" in this way - even if I hate that word! x


C.1986, I'm on the phone at home to the biggest leisure centre in Britain, selling them the benefits of taking a revolutionary new vending machine on trial. The kids have been told to sit quietly in the lounge, watch telly and not move until mommy says. Slowly the sliding door opens, just as i am in mid spiel and 2 year old comes padding across hall, holding out something out in her hands. I hold out my hand to take 'it' and spend the next 5 minutes trying to maintain an air of professionalism, phone in one hand and trying to write with pen and a child's turd in the other! (Luckily it was solid!!)

Kim The Book Worm

I remember getting an application form at the job I was in last year, for a position we were advertising and the lady had put under qualifications "Mother to 3 children!!!!!!". The girl I worked with who hadn't got children didn't it at all but I certainly did! She ended up getting the job too!

Kim The Book Worm

Sorry, meant to say she didn't get it at all! Hope that makes sense now!

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