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Hi Karen, I've always sung to Oliver since he was a little baby. It's amazing how many things you can get to rhyme with nappy and poo! Our favourite song was and still is "you are my sunshine". He's three and a half now and the first time he sung it back to me was amazing! I always remember a friend of mine who is a speech and language therapist telling that singing is a great way of speech development from a very early age.


Hello! I am author of the Parentdish article and your post found me...yes, I did poke fun a bit! But it was written a little tongue in cheek and from the perspective of a brand new mummy thrust into the world of everything baby. In reply to Karen above, I also sang my daughters You Are My Sunshine! Ava sings it now. She also knows the words to Fly Me to the Moon (she is two and a half, she's so ready for Sinatra). I always did and still do take my babies to singalongs, I always felt a bit silly, but I loved it because they loved it and still do. And I don't think I was out of turn talking about how mad it feels when you first start, and I did meet some delightfully bonkers Auntie Jellies! I applaud all who run the groups, you do a terrific service!



Kim, I love 'You are my Sunshine'. My Grandma always used to sing it. Perhaps we should add it to our Musical Minis sessions as we don't use it at the moment.

Hi Pip - thanks for dropping by and commenting - I thought your piece was very well written and certainly raised a smile but from Musical Minis' point of view I felt it was also a good idea to perhaps say a little more. Have you seen the post by Hazel about Musical Minis isn't just for babies and toddlers? If so you will have seen Hazel doesn't share your views! Looking forward to seeing lots more talking points from you.

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