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Abbey Lee Brown via Facebook

Mom And Dad Glue Book | Kes Gray Hb, and The Huge Bag of Worries : Virginia Ironside, Frank Rodgers are great books for kids. mom and dad glue is for children with divorcing parents and the huge bag of worries is a fantastic book about a girls who has lots of worries then her grandma helps her sort them out one by one. if there were books like these around when i was a kid i dont think i would have been so sad. x

Karen Sherr

Hi Abbey, these books aren't in the Guide but sound as if they should be. Thank you for sharing them with us

Midlife Singlemum

A good review, thanks Karen. BTW - this is Rachel Selby writing under my blog name.

UK Mummy blogger

Thanks for this valuable list. I hope I never need to use any of your recommendations but it's great to keep in mind. I have to say I agree completely with your sentiment at the end; personally I've never used a book to discuss an important or sensitive issue with my child because I feel our open relationship is what creates trust between us and keeps communication open.


Thanks for sharing this.I,too, hope we won't need them but good to know the source,just in case.

Dr. Stephen Doyne Phd

Thanks for the recommendation. I agree that it's rare that a book... or even a video, for that matter... really addresses this issue well.

What makes me especially sad, though, is that there are people who honestly believe that children don't need any help or intervention when dealing with loss. It's as though they think children don't have emotions. This leaves those children unsupported when a pet, relative, or friend dies.

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