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My house is a disgrace sometimes. Who am I kidding? Most of the time.

Crystal Jigsaw

I don't spring clean. I just clean when it's needed or when I realise mice have been at the food I dropped three weeks ago. I used to have a cleaner but she wasn't doing a good enough job so I decided to do it myself. Part of me wishes I'd kept her on!!

CJ xx

Gail Connick

I guess regular cleaning would suffice. You've mentioned that you dislike pests so you do some preventive measures to keep them away from your house. Just keep that up! Be proud that your house is pest free despite the fact that you don't spring clean! Anyway, those are great spring cleaning tips you have there.

Annabelle Vandorn

Call professional help? That's a great idea if you really want to get the job done quickly. It's okay if you don't do Spring cleaning as long as you clean your house regularly, and make sure that everything's always clean.

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