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Grace Marshall

Absolutely agree with you Karen. I find it's this kind of thing that perpetuates the 'dog eat dog world' attitude to business. I'm a great believer in looking into (rather than up to) people you admire and learning from them.

I have found that most people, when you approach them with honesty, transparency and respect, will be happy to answer a question or point you in the right direction. There may even be more direct ways to learn from them - a training course or a mentoring arrangement - or even working together on a joint venture project.

Perhaps you could package up your information and offer it as a product, for those who have integrity and want a legitimate way to learn from you?

Helen @Business Plus baby

I'm writing a blog post about some of the nasty surprises that you can get when running a business - one of them being the dubious types of activity you mention here.

It always amazes me that people try this (and shamelessly use the same email address for multiple attempts too?!) surely a good reputation is essential in business? With the internet and social media being such a good way to pass on opinions (good and bad), you would expect people to guard their reputations even more carefully now than before.

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