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Hey Karen, great piece - I've always wanted to go to Barcelona and you have helped me understand what I may - or may not - be missing! Though the thought of the tapas alone is tempting for me! Please can I carry your piece on www.havealovelytime.com?


Hi Linda, the tapas was good as was the sangria. Feel free to carry this on your blog. I've decided that my next piece is going to be on City Breaks I would recommend - that is if this Icelandic volcano stops erupting and anyone can get there.

Jo Weaving

Hi Karen,
I've never been to Barcelona but I completly understand that the only way to get a complete break is to go away! It is a lot of effort to put everything in place so that things run smoothly while you are away but it is worth it. Like you, my phone always seems to ring later on in the evening, after prospective clients have put their children to bed. (and usually while I am teaching!)
My family and I usually go away at some point during the majority of the school holidays so Musical Minis parties, summer sessions and private music lessons (I teach) have to be fitted in around our 'holiday commitments!!'. Luckily I have a great team working for me in Musical Minis who are always happy to run the odd session or party during the holidays.
These holidays are precious to us as we get to spend lots of valuable family time together doing lots of lovely things, but best of all for me I get to be 'just Mum' for a few days.

Trish@ Mum's Gone to

Hello Karen. We had a similar family break in Barcelona a couple of years ago. We really enjoyed the Gaudi architecture but decided just to look at everything from the outside rather than queuing up to see the interiors which might have led to frustration. Parc Guell was a favourite, Nou Camp (which we visited on a previous cruise stop) was a big hit too. I think more than anything I enjoyed the atmosphere, people watching and just soaking up the ambience. I agree, once done I wouldn't be desperate to go back, whereas somewhere like Rome or Venice would certainly tempt me again.

You can read my posts here

Lucy Waters

Hi Karen,
Brilliantly informative blog - Barcelona is still on my list of places to go see, but I don't think I'll be dashing out there immediately! (well obviously I'm not flying anywhere at the moment!)


Thanks for you comments.
Jo it definately is important to have a break and just be Mum.
I loved your blog Trish - I've started to dip into it but want to read more of it. I plan to comment on it soon.
Lucy do let me know your comments on Barcelona when you've been. If you get the chance visit other places first - although it is worth a visit and I'm glad I've been.

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