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Peggy@ Perfectly Happy Mum

I can remember so well that phase of my life. The prospect was very exciting but when I faced the situation it was another matter... I cried for 3 weeks and then picked myself up and realised it was it, I was an independant adult. The fact that it was abroad as well was a real extra weight. The language, culture, traditions and even silly things such as TV programs I was used to made it quite difficult but as you say so well, we have to go through it, it's the normal way things go.
My boys are only 3yrs old and 17 mths old so I have a little while before they leave me, but I hope I will take it with as much philosophy as you.


Thank you for sharing your story. I really don't know how we would survive if Alex was abroad, it would be so much worse - but I'm sure in the end we would adjust! I'm very relieved he's only a few hours away - as a Mum you can't stop worrying even when they're older.
Make the most of your two boys - it's amazing just how quickly those years go.

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