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It is good to hear that there is an organization like EWIF that promotes the welfare of women. Women do not just stop at being mothers. There are so many roles that women can do. Times have changed and women can actively join the world of business. Musical Minis is commendable when it protects the interests and concerns of working moms. In the world business, we cannot just ignore the presence and contributions of women. So for interested full time or working moms, it is best to do you research by consulting a reliable and transparent Franchise guide book. Empower yourself with knowledge. Then you can decide what franchise business will work best for you.


Thanks for the comment Jason. I fully agree that once a prospective franchisee has decided on the type of franchise they require they need to fully research the market. Some franchises aren't as good as they make out they are. In the UK a franchise that's a member of the BFA, British Franchise Association, has had to go through various checks and so can be trusted. It's also important to speak to any current franchisees - not just the one the franchisor may tell you to speak to.

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