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Mum's survival guide via British Mummy Bloggers

Hi and welcome to BMB. What a good first port. My two daughter have both been through eye problems. The oldest thankfully seems to be out growing her eye probs but my youngest is currently wearing patches and we don't know if she'll need glasses yet or not at 2. I didn't pick up on it but my OH did and I felt so guilty for not noticing it to start with but we can't get everything.


Thank you. I'm really ple\ased that your eldest daughters eyes are improving. Patching is a nightmare - you feel so sorry for them struggling with just using their bad eye. Patching does work though - we were told it has excellent results until the child is about 7 years old. Your lucky your OH spotted your daughters problems - both Rob (my OH) and I were useless

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Awesome info! I was honestly just thinking about something similar to this the other day so, it was almost weird when I ran across this. You would be surprised how many people simply have no idea when it comes to this kind of stuff. Anyway, thanks for getting this nice info out there and I am sure I am not the only one who appreciates you taking the time to post this for the masses.
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Grant Weber

My family did not have any problems about being near sighted or far sighted. My first cousin had to wear glasses because she spent her days reading, Environmental factors can cause you to become either myopic or farsighted. I love to read that’s why I became nearsighted. It had nothing to do with genetics in any way possible.

Thaddeus Harrod

Hmm, genes can skip generations. I seem to remember a story about two white people who had a black baby. The husband thought that his wife cheated on him, but they soon found out that the father had a black descendant, so in the end, they forgave each other. I think it happened in your daughter’s case, do you know anyone in your family who wore glasses?

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